Chaz Bono and Jonah Hill: Brothers From Another Mother?


One recently starred with Russell Brand in ‘Get him to the Greek,’ the other changed the way he pees. Brothers from another mother, you tell us?

Chaz Bono (born Chasity) was spotted outside a Beverly Hills’ hair Salon on Tuesday. Chaz appeared in good spirits despite his mom Cher’s recent slip of the tongue during an interview in which Cher referred to Chaz as a ‘girl’ before correcting herself.

Chaz completed his gender-reassignment last year, and now lives in West Hollywood with his girlfriend.

According to his official Web site, Chaz currently working on his third book, to be released by Dutton in 2011, and currently is filming a documentary about his transition with World of Wonder Productions.

Actor Jonah Hill has been busy; he is currently filming ‘Sitter,’ a comedy about a college student who is coaxed into babysitting the kids next door, though he is unprepared for the wild night ahead.

There are rumors that Hill will star in an upcoming remake of the hit television show ’21 Jump Street.” All though Jonah’s part in the movie remains a mystery, the remake is scheduled for release in March of 2012.

We here at The Daily Scene would like to see Bono and Hill star in a remake of ‘Precious.’

(Photo: Matt Roberts)
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