Build Your Own Nerf Gun [VIDEO]


Some had bows and arrows, some sling shots, some paintball guns, and some—one of/if not the greatest arsenal of them all – Nerf guns. Depending on the generation/era in which you grew up in, thus determined your means of warfare. Maybe you simply threw rocks at your older brother and his neighborhood hoodlums. Or maybe you whittled tree limbs into spears and got your “Knights of the Round” on. Or if you were lucky enough, you’re parents kept you stocked up with the latest and greatest in regards to the wonderfully safe Nerf weaponry. Big ones, smalls ones, balls, arrows, bullets—the options were endless, as were the possibilities of combating your appointed foe.

As with most things unfortunately, the Nerf phenomenon has seemed to die down, albeit your neighborhood Toys R Us still probably has a decent stock. So with the innovative war mimicking company’s cooling down, local New Zealander, Simon of Asclimation, has taken it upon himself to aid in your rejuvenating of the single greatest childhood, war weaponry. He has thus documented just how to beef up your own Nerf gun. That’s right, teaching you how to, in fact, manufacture your preference specific arsenal.

Slightly more “mature” than what most of us Nerf proficient warriors are accustomed to, Simon uses such materials as PVC pipe, aluminum piping, and various extracts of wood, plastic and metals. If kids can formulate a miniature house from Popsicle sticks, surely they can piece together their own heavy duty pistol (insert sarcasm here).

So all of you late twenty-somethings who often reminisce about the fantastical Nerf war days of old, head on out to your local Home Depot, stock up on the necessary materials, then make your way to the local toy store to snag your Nerf shell and bullets, and get to grooving. Happy battling.

See video below:

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