Calif. Skydiving Instructor Fired For Freefall Sex Stunt


TAFT, Calif. –“Free Falling” — A California skydiving instructor was fired from his job after posting a video online depicting him having sex with the company’s receptionist during a freefall.

David Chrouch, owner of Skydive Taft, said part-time instructor Alex Torres, who also moonlights as a porn star, was terminated after posting the video of himself online having sex with company receptionist Hope Howell in a plane and during their tandem freefall jump. KGET-TV, Bakersfield, Calif., reported.

“I didn’t know it until one of the officers came over from the Taft Police Department and informed me this was going around the kid’s school and stuff.” Chrouch said. “Apparently they my pilot it was OK to do this. And here early in the morning before anyone got here and shot this.”

According to Chrouch, Torres said he performed the stunt to get the attention of radio host Howard Stern.

Lt. Ed Whiting of the Taft Police Department told KGET-TV, there are no criminal charges pending, because everyone who appeared in the video was of age and because no one witnessed the dive, they could not be charged with public nudity.

The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) is investigating whether the pilot of the plane should get some serious heat for allowing this to happen. While it is technically legal to have sex in a private plane, The Sacramento Bee reports that “FAA spokesman Ian Gregor says any activity that could distract the pilot while he’s flying could be a violation of federal regulations.”

Chrouch said he is still deciding Howell’s future with the skydiving company, adding, “This shouldn’t have happened. And it won’t ever happen again, that’s for sure.”

Authorities say Torres removed the explicit video from his blog on Monday.

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