California Man Gets Stuck In Child’s Swing On $100 Bet


VALLEJO, California ~ ( AP) ~ A Vallejo man got stuck in a child’s swing after his friends bet him $100 if he could fit inside the seat.

The unidentified 21-year-old man reportedly made the bet with his friends while at Blue Rock Springs Park on the night of Saturday, October 22nd. The man used laundry detergent to lubricate his legs and allow him to slide into the diaper-like swing seat. However, he had made no plans to extract himself from the seat and became stuck. To make matters worse, his friends bailed out on him, leaving him to swing alone for about nine hours.

Around 6:00am the next morning, a park groundskeeper heard the man screaming when he arrived at the park for work. Local firefighters were called to rescue him; they cut the chains off the seat and then transported him to Kaiser Permanente Vallejo Medical Center where emergency room personnel used a cast cutter to remove the strapped swing from his body. Any injuries were minor and non-life threatening, although there’s no word as to if his friends paid up on the $100 bet.

Photo credit: Daniel O’Neil/Flickr

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