Cameron Diaz and A-Rod Go Their Separate Ways


It was never even officially confirmed that Cameron Diaz, 37, and Alex Rodriguez, 35, were together, but during the last seven months it was pretty clear that the two were definitely an item. Diaz was caught leaving his NYC apartment on numerous occasions and the couple was also seen sneaking out the back door of clubs trying to make incognito getaways.

Well, it’s over.

Cameron and A-Rod are no longer dating and have definitely parted ways. He just doesn’t like her anymore. That’s honestly the reason they split,” says a source close to the former couple.

The “just doesn’t like her anymore” sounds a little high school to me but then again, A-rod has been changing girlfriends lately like he’s just hit puberty. Since, and actually before, his divorce in 2008, A-rod has had some pretty public flings with the likes of Madonna, Kate Hudson and now Diaz– as well as a few playboy bunnies sprinkled in between. Now it seems like the baseball player is playing the field once again with his newfound freedom.

A-Rod got a table at Haze night and a huge group of Romanian models happened to be at the very next table. A-Rod was chatting up a storm with the girls and spent the night hanging out with them,” says an eyewitness.

Now that sounds just like our classy slugger.

Cameron, on the other hand, was also spotted out on the town at L.A’s Bardot nightclub with Glee star Mathew Morrison. Diaz, whose “fountain of youth” is “lots of sex” may already be getting back on the horse after her breakup.

I guess we’ll know judging from how she looks at her next red carpet event. Stay tuned.

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