Casey Anthony Mask Sparks Ebay Bidding War


(Death And Taxes/UK Daily Mail) ~ An extraordinarily life-like mask of acquitted murderer Casey Anthony’s face has gone up for auction on Ebay and sparked a furious bidding war.

Over one hundred people have placed an offer on the online auction house for the item, which looks remarkably like the young mother who was dramatically acquitted of killing her 2-year-old daughter Caylee. The item for sale is offered by a seller named Prophunter, based in Los Angeles, who claims there were nine such masks made for a parody video by enigmatic pop artist and sculptor Torro. The listing says the mask, “fits most head sizes comfortably,” and offers free shipping inside the continental United States.

With three hours to go, the last offer given was for $25,553, according to Death and Taxes magazine,. However, as the auction winds down and word has spread, there are bids (possibly illegitimate) reaching $999,900. The attempt to cash in on the murder case, which captured the nation this summer, is likely to infuriate many who see it as a distasteful act.

Photo credit: Ebay

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