Celebrity Jail and Crazy Update


What a whirlwind these past few days have been in Hollywood for celebrities. Here’s a recap for those of you focused on more important things… like LIFE!

Word came in today that Mel Gibson (remember him?) has struck a plea bargain with prosecutors and will avoid jail time completely. How much you want to bet the D.A. isn’t Jewish? If you were to tell me a few months back when we were all listening in horror to those ranting tapes of his that Oksana basically made public domain, that Charlie Sheen was going to release footage that made those recordings sound like Dr. Seuss on tape, I’d say, “You’re Lindsay!” (Lindsay = Crazy for those who forgot)

And speaking of our little party girl Lohan. It looks like she’s not getting the Gibson treatment. Her deal to avoid jail time and plead no contest was denied faster Michael Lohan in her building lobby. By the by… did you know Lohan Sr. has just signed on to join the cast of “Celebrity Rehab” for anger issues? Is it me, or do the casting directors need to re-examine one of the words in the title of the damn show? It calls for a CELEBRITY! Not some douche riding the coattails of his derailed daughter.

Moving on.

Charlie Sheen has literally set records these past few days online. With more than 2.4 million followers almost overnight on Twitter, now the star stands to make nearly $1 million a year with a new deal he inked with Ad.ly – an organization specializing in online celebrity advertising and endorsements. Imagine getting $20,000 to send a tweet? I’m sorry, but as precarious his life seems at the moment… pulling this off is #WINNING!

What can I say? We now live in a world obsessed with tweets, status updates, celebrity gossip, public meltdowns, and insanity! Come to think of it… People keep saying to me, “Can you believe Charlie Sheen is passing his drug tests?” Maybe besides the blood, he’s also using Tiger Piss! “Sizzle Losing Bye.”

(Images from VH1, Ustream, Hollywood Gossip News)

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