Cha-Ching: College Student Sells First Spot in iPad 2 Line For $900 [VIDEO]


Business ready for business—that’s what I’ve always been told. Such is the mantra that college student Amanda Foote practiced just this past week while waiting in line for the coveted Apple iPad 2.

Foote, who snagged the all-too-important first spot in line at a Manhattan Apple store at the rye hour of 5pm (the day before), evidently couldn’t hack it as long as she thought she could. Either that—or she is simply is a strong businessman (woman) at heart, constantly awaiting the opportunity to make a buck and double up.

After spending roughly 41 hours outside the store’s entrance and having had virtually no sleep (did I forget to mention the torrential downpour?), the college kid was presented with a fairly convincing offer by app developer Hazem Sayed. A proposition so convincing that Foote left the packed sidewalk $900 richer, as she did indeed award Sayed the coveted place in line.

Considering a shiny, new Apple iPad 2 retails for a mere $499, I’d say the young lady made a fairly wise business decision. Until that is, that I found out just what she intended to use the extra cash for—Lady Gaga tickets. But yes, I will leave that at that.

I was however, a bit shocked (until I watched the interview that is) that such an Apple crazed individual that would rush that early to grab the premiere spot in line, for a new product that is all the rage, would give up on the innovative gadget. But hey, I guess that’s the power of the almighty dollar. It seems as if both Foot and Sayed ended up each a tad happier, one with cash in hand and the other, off to a business trip with the necessary equipment. Man, I love a happy ending.

Take a look at the interview footage below:

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