Charlie Sheen Loses Custody of Twin Boys


Charlie Sheen, star of CBS Two and a Half Men lost custody of his two twin boys, Bob and Max on Monday evening.  According to police reports the boys were taken from Sheen’s mansion after a judge awarded custody of the two toddlers to their mother Brooke Muller.  Muller has accused Charlie of multiple bouts of domestic and verbal abuse.  In her court documents she accuses Sheen of  calling her and threatening, to cut off her head, put it in a box, and mail it to her mother.  She has been granted a temporary restraining order for her and her boys.

Sheen’s personal life has been all over the media, most recently in his 20/20 interview where he tells about his “living situation”, which involves him, his two sons, and his two girlfriends or “goddesses” as he calls them, all living together in his home.  He said his girlfriends, former porn star, Rachel Oberlin and model Natalie Kenly,  are helping him raise his two sons.

Sheen recently refused rehab, denying that he has a drug problem and saying in an interview that rehab is for losers and he is a winner, and that people were just jealous of the life he lives.  Its clear to everyone but Sheen that he has problems, be it drugs, sex, or mental something is definitely wrong with him.  Although, he does seem happy with the life that he has created for himself, so maybe he enjoys crazy and its the women who should know better.  Its not like this is new behavior, Charlie Sheen has always lived this kind of  life and I doubt very seriously hes going to change anytime soon.

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