Cher Talks Sex and Sex Changes on Letterman


Cher, 64, had a lot to say during her recent interview with David Letterman on the Late Show, one of the many stops on her promotional tour for her upcoming film Burlesque, which also co-stars Christina Aguilera.

Besides being extremely kiss-and-tell about her past romantic conquests with Warren Beatty, Tom Cruise, Gene Simmons and ‘almost’ Elvis Presley, Cher opened up about her former daughter Chastity Sun Bono’s sex change and transformation into son ‘Chaz Salvatore Bono.’

The only child for Sonny and Cher, though both have children from other marriages, Chaz recently completed gender reassignment surgery earlier this year and has legally changed both his name and his gender.

According to Cher, who admitted to still slipping up and calling Chaz a girl, “My pronouns are f***ed. I still don’t remember to call her ‘him,'” she is finally beginning to accept the transformation.

The day that we talked about it, really talked about it seriously, I said, ‘If you have to do this you just have to do it,‘” she said. “I wasn’t always able to be quite as calm through the process, but that day I was so calm, and just thought, ‘This is what has to happen.‘”

Cher also still considers Chaz a lesbian even though he has described his current relationship with girlfriend of four years, Jennifer Elia, as “heterosexual.”

She was a lesbian – she still is – but it’s not the same now,” Cher said. “She has a beautiful girlfriend. But it’s not the same thing as being a homosexual, you feel as if you’re in the wrong body.”

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