Chihuahua Thwarts Armed Robbery (Video)


LOS ANGELES, California ~ ( ~ Who needs a Rottweiler when you have a ferocious chihuahua to thwart an armed robbery and then chase away the bad guys.

Earlier in July in this year Paco the Mighty chihuahua sprang into action when two masked gunmen swaggered into the Ace Smoke Shop in Altadena. The courageous canine stopped at nothing, nipping at the robbers as they shouted, and then proceeded to run their sorry asses out of the store, nipping at their heels.

A neighbor couldn’t believe the actions of the pooch-turned-crimefighter, saying, “I was shocked, because normally he’s kind of laid back, just sitting back taking it easy.” He also remarked to the shop owner, “he’s not going to let anybody mess up his home.”  The robbers reportedly made off with 200 dollars in the heist; police have not made any arrests. No word as to whether Paco is up for a citizen’s commendation. Do the right thing, LAPD.

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