Chinese Prostitution At The Casino?


The name Sheldon Adelson should ring a bell. Especially in Vegas! The man is an exorbitantly wealthy casino mogul and leading Republican political donor who is now fighting some defamatory claims regarding one of his international projects.

According to documents filed in Las Vegas state court obtained by the Associated Press, “Adelson and Sands attorneys accuse fired Sands China Ltd. executive Steven Jacobs of ‘a new low’ in what they call an ongoing effort to tarnish Adelson’s reputation and call attention to Jacobs’ lawsuit claiming that he was wrongly dismissed.”

Here’s what happened. Apparently Adelson and this guy Jacobs did NOT leave their business relationship at the Macau casino on good terms. So the now former casino exec is claiming that Adelson “personally approved prostitution at company properties in the Chinese gambling enclave.” Hmm…

Naturally, Adelson and his team say these allegations are entirely false! Here are the sordid details:

“Prostitution is legal in Macau. But in the email, Jacobs told top Las Vegas Sands executive Michael Leven that before beginning a planned crackdown on soliciting for sex on the casino floor at Sands Macau properties, he wanted to make sure Adelson agreed. Jacobs said in the email that another executive told him Adelson personally approved allowing prostitution ‘as it would help our overall gaming revenue.’ ”

Sounds a little hearsay-ish to me. Adelson is a billionaire who owns a couple of little entertainment venues on the Vegas Strip you may have heard of. The Venetian and the Palazzo. Why would the man jeopardize his reputation and global empire to assuage a couple of horny weary businessmen who feel like getting a little Egg-Foo-Fun before bed?

It will be interesting to see how this all pans out and if it hurts the Sheldon name. I hope he can afford to take the time off to worry about it. Hehe

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