Christian Louboutin at the Palazzo Las Vegas: Ooh La La, Louboutin!


Red. It’s fire. It’s passion. It’s love and seduction. Rubies and roses are red. Red is a color that awakens the senses. I say, good choice, Christian Louboutin. You sure know what you are doing!


Here in Las Vegas, is a large and lovely Christian Louboutin Boutique. A glowing red beacon in the Shoppes at the Palazzo Las Vegas. A safe and warm place.. well, safe for all but the credit card that will surely ignite as soon as I swipe it. And to be 100% honest, my ankles are no longer safe, either. These shoes are sky high and stilettos are impossible to walk in without training.. But I care not…I am in love with these shoes.

Strappy suede, sparkly stones, shiny patent and black leather heels. Bring your courage, strength, and plenty of cash and credit, ladies, you are going to need it. I really must get better with names, as well, but you want to talk about a bubbly, joyful sales girl! The girl that was working when I visited last was spectacular! She and I had the most fun talking. And she was super sweet while running around grabbing shoes for me.

So, ladies, when in Vegas, Louboutin is the way to go, and the Palazzo has what you are looking for to make you sparkle brighter than the Boulevard.

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