CineVegas Clubhouse Brings Wayne Newton to Boys and Girls Club


This evening, CineVegas Clubhouse shot a short film called “Where Da Girls At” with members of the Boys & Girls Club of Las Vegas. To top that off, Wayne Newton made a special appearance to give the children tips about filming and performing.

Wayne Newton at the CineVegas Clubhouse Las Vegas

For those of you who don’t know, CineVegas Clubhouse is a community outreach program in which local industry professionals teach the art of film making and performing to the children of the Boys and Girls Club of Las Vegas. It’s a five-week project which allows children to create, write and star in their own short film, which has a red carpet premier at the CineVegas Film Festival!

What an amazing thing that CineVegas Clubhouse does for the children of Las Vegas. It’s not only a five weeks that the kids will never forget, but an opportunity of a lifetime for kids here in Las Vegas to expand into a career and life in the industry and art of film making.

Thank you CineVegas and Wayne Newton for positively impacting the lives of the children of Las Vegas, one individual at a time!

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