Cleveland Responds to LeBron’s ‘Rise’ Commercial


Before I get into this, I’m going to need to bust out some tissues for the entire city of Cleveland, Ohio. Okay, now we should be good.

Headlining by far, the most impressive class of free agents in NBA history this past off season, Ohio native, LebBron James had virtually every hoops fan (check that, everyone period) in utter anticipation of where he would call home for the next several years. Would he be sticking true to his roots and continuing his role of hometown hero? Was he headed to meet up with his boy Jay-Z in New York or New Jersey? How bout Chicago to start a second heralded “MJ” run? South Beach, to keep it real, maybe?

You all are aware of what happened. The back to back league MVP got together with the Boys and Girls club to put on one of the most half thought through television pieces to date. “The Decision,” featured LBJ on national television for a one hour special, in which he then disclosed of the lucky team he would suit up for. Blah blah blah. “I’ve decided to take my talents down to South Beach,” said almost hesitantly by the King himself.

Of course since then, Bron has been subject to a barrage of scrutinization from fans, players, team affiliates, and anyone else with a means of communication. But as expected the city of Cleveland took a bit of personal offense to his “betrayal.” Burning jerseys, denouncing his name, you name it, they did it. Never mind the owner of the Cavs acting like a complete Kindergartner.

After the tension cooled off a tad (months later), LeBron’s sponsor ,Nike, did as Nike so often does and came through with one of the most impressive commercial pieces ever, featuring James in a series of shots, settings, and character situations, basically shedding forth the message of “back off, it was my (LeBron’s) decision.” Now here we are, a couple weeks after the footage has aired and the wonderfully mature people of Cleveland put together this little “remix” in response. As JT would say, “cry me a river.”

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