College Professor Dubs Himself “Notorious PhD,” Raps to Save the Bronx [VIDEO]


Remember that one college professor that used to do the weirdest things in order to keep the class’ attention? Yeah — well this is sort of like that, but multiplied by — a lot.

Mark Naison, professor of African American studies at Fordham University, realized about seven years back that to really captivate his audience, especially considering such the ethnically diverse course, that he would have to step his game up. And thus, “Notorious PhD” was born (catchy, right?)

Notorious PhD was Naison’s alter-ego, if you will, in which he transformed himself into the best rapper alive. Okay, maybe not quite that far, but he did begin rapping to his students in order to garner their undivided attention. Think Eminem, just not nearly as talented and aged several (times several) years.

The professor spoke on such issues as gentrification of the Bronx as he feels intensely passionate about saving that area of New York, in order to remain affordable for all types of income and diverse social classes.

The thought and heart is there, but sometimes — that’s just not enough (no knock, Teach). But here — I’ll let you decide. Below is a short interview, followed by Naison — excuse me — Notorious PhD, showing off his rhyming skills.

Think he’s got a shot at becoming the next Jay-Z or Lil Wayne?

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