Comedian Artie Lange Returns to Radio


LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Comedian Artie Lange has reportedly signed a deal to return to radio, according to gossip site TMZ.

The former Howard Stern sidekick along with comedian Nick DiPaolo will host a sports and entertainment themed radio show that will air from 10pm to 1am starting Oct 3.

Sources closely involved with the deal say the comedy duo will reportedly earn more than 3 million dollars with a commitment to air in 20-30 markets on terrestrial radio.

Lange and DiPaolo tested out their radio chemistry when they subbed for Tony Bruno on Fox Sports Radio earlier this year.

Lange, who had been absent from radio since leaving the Stern Show in January 2010, described “The Nick and Artie show” like this:  “Imagine two hosts from SportsCenter … if they were under indictment.”

DirectTV who put the deal together plans to simulcast the radio show to their satellite subscribers starting next Spring.

Lange who had been a fan of the Howard Stern radio show since 1982 took over as head writer and on-air personality in 2001 following the sudden and unexpected departure of comedian Jackie Martling.

His blue-collar  sensibility and quick wit made him a very popular fixture on the show, as he often spoke openly and honestly about his  problems with substance abuse, gambling and depression.

In 2010, the daily grind of an early-morning  radio show along with his penchant for drugs and alcohol proved to be too much for the funnyman whose suicide attempt with a kitchen knife landed him in the hospital’s psychiatric ward.

After spending 8months in the hospital, Lange appears to have a new outlook on life and a renewed interest in comedy and performing.

There is little doubt that Lange’s return to radio will be met with open arms, as his legions of fans count down the days to his return. There is something so endearing about Artie that people can’t help but gravitate to, and it is that quality that makes Artie’s star shine bright.

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