Con Air Director Petitioning for Sequel


Accounting for action/thriller director Simon West’s debut directorial work, the Nicolas Cage starred “Con Air” lit up the big screen some fourteen years ago, but for some reason, now nearly a decade and a half later, West is gunning for a follow up.

In a recent interview with Crave Online, West spoke on his passion for revisiting the project and how he aims at persuading his leading man, Cage to hop on board.

“I’m going to put a bug in [Nicolas Cage’s] ear about it,” West disclosed. “It’s a matter of getting everybody together. If the two of us want to do it, we’ll go after the others. There’s so many people involved and it’s about getting everybody to agree. But it’d be great!”

And when he means if Cage is down, he’ll then approach the remaining cast members, that is all but saying he’ll merely be forced to contact the few persons who remained alive at the end of the move— John Cusack, Steve Buscemi, Mykelti Williamson, and Colm Meaney.

This leads many to believe that a prequel would be West and crew’s best bet, as the die hard Con Air’ers our there are dedicated to the entire cast listing.

And even if the “Mechanic” director is able to coax Nicolas Cage into getting ripped beyond his accustomed recognition, he just might have a tough time pulling Steve Buscemi away from one of television’s leading and award winning shows, Boardwalk Empire. And no, you cannot by any means do that movie without the crazy, insane, psycho killer.

My money is that some connected film will be produced in the near future, but you all know how prequels and sequels go in relation to initial, award winning films—not too great. Best of luck to them all.

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