CONAN OBrien – The New King Of Late Night [VIDEO]


CONAN”, the much anticipated late night event of the year (if you don’t count his first premier hosting NBC’s Tonight Show) kicked off with a bang. A ratings bang that is! TBS executives must be giddy over their new golden, well orange child. “Conan” was expected to be competitive in audience draw last night, but nobody would have guessed he’d take first place with more than 4.1 million people tuning in knocking out legendary late night kings, Jay Leno, Jon Stewart, and David Letterman – who’s show was just spotlighted for ephemerally pulling ahead to that #1 spot just recently.

It was great to see Conan back in the action delivering quips with a genuine smile who, even standing at 6’4”, seemed like a happy little kid who just got his candy back. Of course it goes without saying, tension between him and ex-network, NBC, was still thick, as he poked jest at the situation in the opening with a series of failed attempts and pathetic endeavors (i.e. Burger King employee). This montage organically lead to O’Brien standing on the ledge of a bridge hinting towards suicide when who should appear? None other than his guardian angel, Larry King – even though, unlike his career, marriage, and suspender loving fashion, is not dead for those of you wondering.

Naturally, pessimists blame last night’s ratings phenomenon due to initial interest that will trickle back to competing shows. Steve Koonin, president of TBS parent Turner Entertainment Networks said, “Conan delivered an extraordinary audience and stands out as the youngest late-night talk show on television.” Either way, TBS is taking solace today and looking to the future in the hopes that Conan, his Basic Cable Band, and masturbating bear can continue crushing the 11pm time-slot contention.

Here now is a look at Conan’s first monologue in case you missed it:

{image from Reuters}

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