Couple Hosts Block Party While Burning Down Their House


 GRAND HAVEN TOWNSHIP,Michigan (Grand Haven Tribune) ~ A local couple hosted a block party at their home which went with a very unusual theme: they burned the house to the ground while the party was in full swing.

Dave and Nancy Palmer had long planned to build a new home on their property, so to save a few steps they decided to throw a party while setting fire to their current dwelling. Dave told the Grand Haven Tribune, “I said, ‘I’ll write a song and we might as well utilize this fire,’ so I wrote this song called “Burn Baby Burn”.” He and his band played the song numerous times during the party, which featured children dressed as firefighters.

But worry not, for the Palmers didn’t just carelessly torch the place: they invited members from their local fire department to supervise the event and use the blaze as a training exercise. Grand Haven Township Fire Chief Tom Gerencer said fire crews started fires inside the home and then put them out, in order to train inside a burning and smoke-filled building. Later, as the flames engulfed the home, the focus turned to preventing the neighboring homes from catching on fire. 

The couple plans to start rebuilding their new home later this year at the same site. Dave Palmer is president of a non-profit group called Save The Music, which provides instruments to local kids and encourages them to get involved with music. He plans to include “Burn Baby Burn” on a CD, with hopes to sell the album to generate proceeds for his organization.

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