Craigslist Loves You? Part 2


Why a place that notorious for danger is becoming the place to find love

“I met my girlfriend of two years on Craigslist!”

It’s the new Most of us would have never guessed that when we would be talking about some of the top online dating websites, we would be talking about Craigslist, but here we are. 2011 and Craigslist has climbed to the top of most survey’s lists of most popular online dating websites in the country! With all of its publicity for drugs, pay-for-sex ads, and quick hook-ups, many of the ads today in the personals section of the site include both men and women not looking for random “friends with benefits”, but are looking for love. Really?

An anonymous source, who is one of the many millions of people posting personal ads on Craigslist, has stated that she has used Craigslist as a source of finding dates for over two years. “I’ve never had a problem meeting people on Craigslist. I know the impression that it carries with people and I’m not saying that I haven’t had any duds with some of the guys I’ve met, but it’s no different than meeting someone off the street. Meeting people will always be a gamble.”

Recently, Lifetime produced the movie called “The Craigslist Killer”, about a man accused of robbing and/or murdering many people that he met off of Craigslist’s “adult section” (which has been removed from the website). Many peoples’ feelings towards the site as a way to meet people has been either shared or created by the popularity of the movie, but it hasn’t stopped people from gambling on love with the site.

“I met my girlfriend of two years on Craigslist!” says Dan [Smith] of Henderson, Nevada. “Other websites either require too many surveys or cost too much for me whereas Craigslist is quick, simple and free.”

I guess whether you’re online or in the grocery store, meeting people will always be a gamble. If love is going to be found, then Craigslist is just as good a place as anywhere else… right?

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