Crazy Celebrity Sightings at Bellagio Las Vegas For Charity Event


Back on February 25th, we told you about how Siegfriend and Roy would give one last unforgettable show for charity on February 28th. That’s exactly what they did! It was a charity event for “Power of Love”, a foundation which supports Alzheimer’s, Huntingtons, Parkingson’s, ALS and other memory disorders. It all went down at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino Las Vegas, and the celebrity appearances were great!
Hilary Duff
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We saw Perry Ferrel with his wife Etty Ferrall who previously gave a performance at LAX Nightclub Las Vegas. Bernie Yuman, Hilary Duff, Leeza Gibbons, John Paul Mitchell, Oscar Goodman, the Soprano’s star Steve Schrippa and Teri Hatcher were just SOME of the other celebrities there for the event.

Teri Hatcher
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It was an unforgettable night in both entertainment and Las Vegas history as Siegfried & Roy together with their tiger “Montecore” gave an audience of approximately 1100 a taste of their magical spectacle. They were recognized with a never-ending applause, tears and a standing ovation…then they took their final bows.
Siegfried and Roy
Click here to read more about the “Power of Love” charity event, which we’re told raised millions for the fight against neurodegenerative diseases.

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