Crematorium Heats Public Pool


In England it can be said that communities are doing their part to save the planet and cut down on global warming. Authorities in Redditch have approved of the community swimming pool under development to heat its water with the energy initiated by the crematorium next door.

No other project in Britain have used this kind of technology. The waste heat generated by the chimney from the incinerator of the crematorium will warm up the next door leisure center along with the pool. Councillor Carole Gandy reported “The cremation process is a sensitive matter and we wanted to be sure our proposals had widespread support.” Ms. Gandy is the council leader in her region in central England.

She also stated that there is over 80% approval from the people in her district. The council has been conscientious in reporting to exact measures how the technology works. This type of thing is currently widespread in countries like Sweden.


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