Dahmer’s Last Victim Charged in Drowning Death


MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin –A Milwaukee man, who narrowly escaped serial killer Jeffery Dahmer, entered a not-guilty plea Monday to charges involving the death of  a man.

Tracy Edwards, 52, and Timothy Carr, 44, we’re both charged in the drowning death of Johnny Jordan, 43, following an argument on the bridge, according to WSIN-TV, Milwaukee.

The Prosecution contends Edwards and Carr both homeless, picked up Jordan and threw him off the bridge, head first. After Jordan went in, Carr jumped in from the riverbank while Edwards stayed on the riverbank, the complaint said.

A police officer arrived shortly after and threw a life ring to Jordan and Carr, the complaint said. Carr swam to the life ring, and Jordan went under and was not seen again until the rescue squad arrived and pulled him from the water, the complaint said.

If convicted, the men could be sentenced up to 12 years and six months in prison and $25,000 in fines.

Nora Jordan, the dead man’s sister, was angry the pair did not face more serious charges.

“That was dirty,” she said. “You was going to throw somebody over, head first, and then they walked away. The criminal complaint says they walked away. That’s murder.”

In 1991, Dahmer lured a then 31-year-old Tracy Edwards to his apartment of horror. The pair drank and watched a movie together before Dahmer threatened him with a knife, according to his trial testimony.

The young man struggled as Dahmer tried to handcuff him and escaped with handcuffs dangling from one wrist to the street, where he flagged down a police car.

Edwards later reported smelling a foul odor coming from a barrel and was made to look at pictures of mutilated bodies.

Police later found body parts of 11 males – four severed heads, preserved genitalia and several torsos soaking in an acid-filled barrel.

Dahmer was eventually convicted of 15 murders of boys and young men and died in 1994 after being attacked by another inmate in prison.

Edwards testified at Dahmer’s 1992 trial that he planned his escape from Dahmer’s home after Dahmer clamped a handcuff on his wrist and listened for his heartbeat.

“At one point, he said he was going to eat my heart,” Edwards said. “For some reason, God told me not to let this guy handcuff me. He layed across me and put his head across my chest and was listening to my heart.

“He had a knife at my groin,” Edwards testified. “I said, at least I’m going to die trying.’ I hit him and got out of the apartment.”

Since his harrowing escape, Edwards has had a history of drug abuse and alcoholism and has been in and out of jail, according to WSIN.

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