Dallas Doctor Tries To Run Over Smoking Man


DALLAS, Texas ~ (Dallas Morning News/Aol News) ~ Many physicians have tried unorthodox methods trying to convince people to quit smoking, but one Dallas doctor went a little extreme and tried to run over a man smoking next to his car.

Police say 54-year-old Dr. Jeffery Reed Thompson, a kidney doctor who has received acclaim from D Magazine as being one of the city’s best doctors, faces a felony charge of aggravated assault with a vehicle after he had a confrontation with 48-year-old Donald Zuelly of Rowlett, Texas. Acording to the Dallas Morning News, Thompson was booked into the Dallas County Jail on Friday and released on Saturday morning after posting $5,000 bond; the doctor told police that he would not say anything without his attorney, and later could not be reached for comment.

It all started on the morning of March 25th when Thompson spotted Zuelly smoking a cigarette while standing beside the doctor’s 1994 Mercedes coupe, which was parked in Thompson’s office parking garage. He approached Zuelly and said, “you can’t smoke here,” according to police. He then snatched the cigarette from Zuelly’s mouth, threw it on the ground and stepped on it. Zuelly reportedly told Thompson, “Are you (expletive) crazy? If you put another finger on me I will put you on the ground.”

Some time during the confrontation, Zuelly threw a canned soda to the concrete, which splattered some liquid on Thompson’s pants. At that point, when Zuelly tried to walk away, he told police he heard tires squealing and turned to see Thompson speeding his car towards him. Zuelly said he ran to seek protection behind a concrete pole and scraped his elbow while escaping. Thompson reportedly then reversed the car, pulled up next to Zuelly and motioned for him to step out from behind the pole and in front of the car. Zuelly was able to leave and called 911. Later, one witness told police they saw Thompson grab the cigarette from Zuelly’s mouth, and other witnesses said they saw the doctor speeding and driving erratically in the parking garage.

Photo credit: CBS DFW

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