Dave Matthews Performance Video From MGM Grand Las Vegas

The Dave Matthews Band was here in Las Vegas on Saturday night and performed at the MGM Grand. Opening the show was Jason Mraz, before he headed over to the Palms Casino Resort for his own performance at the Pearl. From what I heard, the Dave Matthews concert was unreal. I lose sleep at the thought that I had a ticket, but was unable to make it! Check it out:

If you ignore the bobbing heads, you can see Boyd Tinsley jamming out on the violin during his solo part of “Dancing Nancies”. About 2:15 minutes into the video, Carter jumps in on the drums, and the crowd goes wild.

Whether you like Dave Matthews band or not, if you like live music, you can imagine how this performance was a must see!
It all went down Saturday night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena with a live performance from the Dave Matthews Band.

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