Deer Headbutts Man Through Open Car Window


MENDON, Massachusetts ~ (WBZ-TV/MSNBC/AP) ~ In a case of what might be called nature fighting back, a man was headbutted through his open car window by a deer while he was driving home with his family.

Jesse Mazzola was driving home on a country road with his family, after a Fourth of July barbeque in Mendon, when out of nowhere a deer came crashing through the driver’s window of his Jeep Compass, which was rolled down at the time of the incident. Mazzola had no time to react, saying, “the second I looked over it was just eye-to-eye with a deer,” he recalled. “Saw it out of the corner of my eye, looked over and at the same time it was just lined up perfectly, gave me a head-butt to the face, split my nose, broke it, gave me seven stitches.” The deer did not have antlers, but the headshot left Mazzola seriously injured.

“After it bounced off my face, I heard its neck snap and something break; and it went over the hood and I slowed down, stayed in my lane, told her (his wife) to call 911 and meet us down the street because I was losing a lot of blood quickly,” Jesse said. His wife Verusca was in the back seat with their 11-moth-old daughter Olivia, who had been acting a bit fussy. That was a good thing, because the driver’s side mirror was snapped off on impact and flew into the front passenger’s seat.

Jesse’s stitches have since been removed and the Jeep still has the dented left front fender, but Mazzola said he would heal and was glad his wife and child were unhurt. The next day, police found a dead deer by the side of the road but Jesse said he didn’t want to identify the animal, saying that he had already seen it enough.

Photo credit: WBZ-TV

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