Defending The Innocent


I can no longer sit idle as hopped-up; mouth breathing morons arm themselves with long range rifles and handguns.

Looking to exterminate whatever appears in their sights, the monosyllabic brutes have no respect life or the pursuit of peace.

As they pose over their fresh kill, still oozing its life in a heap on to the cold hard ground, their only thought is to slap on a big wide grin.

They mount their kill on walls to show others like them that they can pull a trigger and slaughter and unarmed creature whose intelligence was greater than that of the hunter.

No consequence or conscious given or received as they feast themselves on the blood of these poor defenseless creatures whose only crime was living in harmony.

Adding insult to injury, is the killing of an animal who lashes out after its freedom was so callously taken away for the enjoyment of some drooling, mongoloid prick and his helmet wearing kid.

Dominion has turned to tyranny as we exterminate that for which we don’t recognize or understand.

The sport of Killing generates billions of dollars to those soulless death mongers who peddle beer and tools of death.

The only satisfaction I get, is when I read that one of these uncouth, tobacco chewing slugs is accidentally shot by his equally brain-dead buddy or gored to death by a bull during the running of the bulls. It is a small victory for the animal and humanity.

One can only hope that more of these gun toting pricks meet their tragic demise soon, for only then can we truly hope to live in peace.

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