Demi and Ashton Show World That Love is Still in the Air


These two are either trying way too hard or are actually in love.

On Friday, Demi and Ashton celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary by having another tweeting session to show the world that they are still very much in love and were celebrating the day in bed.

“Thank you for all the anniversary wishes!! Enjoying a day lounging and watching “Breaking Bad” Great show!” Demi tweeted, adding a photo of her and Kutcher cuddling in the covers.

Maybe the weeks of rumors and whispers that their marriage is ending due to infidelity on Ashton’s part have taken their toll. According to recent reports, Kutcher cheated with a 21-year-old at the house he shares with Demi while she was away.

In response, it has been claimed that the couple has been putting on what some people would call an “over the top” united front; complete with more sightings together, more PDA and of course more tweets—if that were even possible.

Recently, Ashton visited Demi on the set of her new film The Reasonable Bunch. According to sources on set, the couple was laughing, joking and acting as loving as ever. Later, they were seen at a friend’s house lounged out on top of each other, while their daughters snapped pictures of the canoodling couple.

If they are in fact in it for the long haul, that would mean they are one of the few Hollywood couples that will defy divorce, as well as a significant age gap; Moore is 47 and Kutcher 32.

Written by K. Politis

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