Demi Lovato Enters Rehab for “Personal Issues”


Poor Demi Lovato, talk about a tragic fall. The once-high star (with Disney hits such as “Camp Rock” and snagging the role in the Disney series “Sonny with a Chance,”) recently hit rock bottom as her publicist announced she was abruptly leaving the South American leg of her tour:

Demi has decided to take personal responsibility for her actions and seek help,” her rep told E! News yesterday. “She is doing just that. Demi and her family ask that the media please respect their privacy during this difficult time. She regrets not being able to finish her tour, but is looking forward to getting back to work in the near future.”

The real story, though, seems to be much juicier than that. Sadly, dubbed “Demi-Drama” by others on the tour, a number of factors may have led to this.

“After she split with Joe, it was just a whole bunch of drama, very awkward. Everyone tried to be professional, but you could tell it was wearing down Demi. It was a taboo subject to bring up, but clearly she wasn’t over Joe.

The [Jonas] boys got a break after the tour, but Demi went a nonstop promo campaign for Camp Rock 2 and was pushing the single for that movie. It really was too much ask of a girl that young. She just couldn’t handle it.”

Apparently, the star is having such a difficult time touring with the Jonas Brothers, one of whom is her ex-boyfriend, that she could not handle the pressure. Who can blame her? She’s been touring non-stop, and seeing your ex and his new beau (Ashley Green, of Twilight fame) simply were too much. Sources say that Lovato got into a fight with one of her back up dancers in Peru, and made verbal threats to Green, who was also there. Finally, she broke down in front of the entire crew, including the Jonas family and Ashley Green. Papa Jonas decided enough was enough, and sent her packing.

Really, though, this might be a good thing for her. Stories are surfacing that Lovato has always faced problems, and she herself has said that she was the victim of such terrible bullying that she eventually left school to be home schooled. That, plus the pressures of Hollywood, has seemed to take their toll: sources close to the young star say that she battles both bulimia and cutting (a form of self-mutilation). You’d like to think it’s impossible for such a talented girl, but pictures surfaced two years back of suspicious marks on her wrists (her publicist tried to sell it off as indentations from tight “gummy” bracelets, but no one was buying it).

I really hope that Demi emerges from this stronger, happier, and a continued role model for young women today. Adolescent life isn’t always easy, and material happiness doesn’t always equate to internal happiness. Here’s hoping she gets the help she needs, and inspires other young women to do the same.

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