DESPICABLE: Skater Tony Hawk Dumps 3rd Wife to Shack Up With Best Friend’s Wife


LOS ANGELES, Calif. — “What a Scumbag!” Re-enforcing my view of what a complete scumbag he really is, slimy skateboarder, Tony Hawk is accused of leaving his current wife to shack up with his best friend’s wife of 20-years according to the New York Post.

In December Tony dumped his third wife, former publicist, Lhoste Merriam with whom he has one child with to carry on an affair with Cathy Goodman, wife of Tony’s childhood friend and business partner Matt Goodman.

According to the Post, Merriam discovered an airline ticket that showed Tony, 42, was booking a trip for Cathy to join him in San Francisco.

Perhaps Merriam should have seen this coming. After all Tony ditched his second wife Erin to marry Merriam in 2006. Erin, by the way, was Tony’s kids’ nanny from his first marriage.

Besides ruining his own marriage, Tony has single handedly destroyed his best friend’s 20-year marriage.

Tony and Matt who have been friends since childhood are reportedly on the outs and not speaking to each other.

This menace on four-wheels should be castrated before infecting the rest of the nation with his rotten offspring.

Any man who cheats on his wife is not a real man but a pathetic loser who cannot control his own impulses or urges.

For this reporter, the final straw came when I saw him disrespecting the White House by skateboarding down its hallowed halls. What a complete asshole!

Then again, his bad behavior is par for the celebrity course and will continue because no one has the balls to stand up to this philandering fuck-face.

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