Diane Von Furstenberg Las Vegas: A Dress for Every Day of the Week


Diane Von Furstenberg at the Palazzo is dress heaven! So many styles; so many lengths; so few days in the week! Those who know me well know that I am mostly “Rocker Chic” and partially a “Girly Girl.” Diane Von Furstenberg shares this with me! She is blowing me away this season/year.


This store is full of choices and it is impossible to pick a few things. I love the prints this season. Large, colorful, friendly, bright flower-esque prints are everywhere. Then the little black dresses. There is a sheer black dress that I am still swooning over.

Whatever your style is, you will find it here. There are puffy sleeves, tanks, a type of shrug sleeve, and the wrap dresses. DVF has all the flavor you are looking for. I swear when you walk in you feel like you should be smelling flowers. The colors are as bright as a spring garden in bloom. I know the Palazzo has some grand dining, but hold off for a bit and skip into DVF, the food can wait, the dresses might not!

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