Did Kanye West Copy Artistic Vision for Latest Music Video? [VIDEO]


Looked upon as one of the most innovative and creative individuals amongst a cookie cutter circuit of entertainers these days, rapper/producer, Kanye West seems to continue to up the bar in creating some of the most clever, never-before-seen artistic interpretations, period. From his widespread success as a musical artist, (bother rapper and producer) to his fashion forays, and now film even, the Jay-Z protege seems to know no boundaries as he continually expands his borders and conquers realm after realm. But the question remains—is it all original?

Most will tell you, whether self-proclaimed “artist” or not, that these days, nothing is truly, 100% original. Everything stems from someone or something’s previous work, thought, or vision. But how far is too far in taking from those pre-conceived expressions and using them to in-turn influence your own product? And if anything, in the end, some sort of siting of the original creator should definitely be disclosed.

Back to Mr. West, the Grammy Award winner has generally been fairly on top of it in crediting any given sources that are connected with the artistic process towards anything he has put out. As most producers do, he samples past instrumentals and tracks constantly. He has also bitten snippets here and there for certain music videos, but as I aforementioned, has been adamant on praising the thought’s originator. But as his latest set of aesthetics made its way into the world just yesterday (“All of the Lights”), we now find that he (or director Hype Williams) may have gotten some “inspiration” from a prior video. Quite frankly, the entire opening sequence is not far from being exactly the same as seen in Gaspar Noé’s “Enter The Void.” And with the video being played to capacity in virtually every medium just a day later, there has been no word from Kanye’s camp on any copying from this piece.

Whether this was intentional or not, the issue will need be addressed sooner rather than later, as the two opening patterns are close to identical. So take a look for yourself and be your own judge.

Gaspar Noé’s “Enter The Void”

Kanye West’s “All of the Lights”

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