Did Lindsay Lohan Make Out With Her Mother?


We all know that actress turned perennial wild-child Lindsay Lohan has had her fair share of difficulty staying away from the limelight. Unfortunately, it’s always for the wrong reasons. The once oh so cute and cuddly little girl that dazzled the screen for the Parent Trap, well — that person disappeared rather quick-like.

All the while, her parents, namely her father, have had their own public problems. But I doubt any of us would have ever expected to see just what the picture below presumes — little Lindsay Lohan kissing her own mother, Dina Lohan. That just can’t be, could it?

Dina recently celebrated her 49th birthday (Lindsay looks about that age now also — drugs), and it appeared that the mother daughter combo had a decent time. Now we can’t undoubtedly say that they in fact, did lock lips, but it looks pretty, pretty, pretty close. And judging from the family’s past, it really wouldn’t be that surprising.

So you know how we all must be careful when mixing alcohol with flirtation (sorry you sober folk)? Well, maybe that applies to people that we never would have even expected. Okay, not actually, but I’m just trying to somehow justify for the Lohan clan. But alas, I fail.

Nonetheless, maybe we will hear/see a statement from either of the two in the near future. Regardless, let the rumors fly.

So what do you think judging from the larger shot below?

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