Dime Dumped: Amber Rose Dropped by Ford Modeling Agency


While many of you were presumably unaware of the likes of the bald headed bombshell, Amber Rose prior to her linking with rapper/producer Kanye West, she has gradually yet strategically maneuvered her way into being one of the most coveted faces and frames in the entertainment industry. Although after a headliner breakup between the two highly popularized love birds (Rose and West), her fame has seemed to halt somewhat and evidently is experiencing another hit as it is reported that her long time model backers, Ford Modeling Agency have dropped the video vixen.

I wouldn’t want to begin to speculate it having anything to do with her cooling off since stepping away from the spotlight alongside Kanye, but while sources have yet to identify specific reasoning, at the same time, I wouldn’t be surprised if that did come in to play somewhere.

Amidst the recent dual dumpage, Amber appears to remain in high spirits as she has been spotted on numerous occasions with recently squired New York Knick, Amare Stoudemire. All smiles could be due to him or possibly it has something to do with a rumored contract for her own reality TV show to appear on VH1. The piece, to be titled “Behind Her Shades,” will give a look into to the life of the ferocious model and her newly opened Las Vegas eye wear store.

Appears to be another redundant, reality segment for the go to reality television network, but hey, if I get to look at Amber Rose for a half hour a week, I’m not mad.

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