DJ Franzen of 97.5 Video Interview With My Vegas Scene

Part 1 of the video is finally complete! Yes, there will be more. Below is the video from our interview with DJ Franzen at the 97.5 studio – It can also be found on the homepage of My Vegas Scene. It was great to get his perspective of the Las Vegas Nightlife and Entertainment Industry, being that he’s been a disc jockey and radio personality here for the last eight years.

To read more of my thoughts on the interview, you can see our earlier post on how DJ Frazen sits with MyVegasScene for an exclusive interview.

In the next couple of weeks, we have two more videos to share with you – one being Franzen’s most memorable moment in Las Vegas, and the other is his experience as a DJ and advice to all the struggling DJs who want to make it big in the entertainment capital of the world.

Thank you Franzen, for the awesome opportunity! Check out DJ Franzen’s MySpace or listen to him daily from 3pm-7pm on 97.5KVEG!

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