DJ Loczi Opens Electric Dreams at Studio 54 on NYE 2011


On Friday December 31st, 2010 New Year’s DJ Loczi will premiere “Electric Dream” Fridays at Las Vegas’ famed, Studio 54 in the MGM Grand.

“Electric Dream” reminisces back to old Vegas extravagance, creating an overall dream experience, capturing an alternate reality surrounding patrons every sense and emotion. Each Friday will cultivate a journey through the past, involving videos of iconic guests who frequented Studio 54 in conjunction with the iconic pillars of Las Vegas to generate a whole new vibe which will include live musicians, dancers, aerialists, wall-climbers, lighting, videos and most importantly heart-stopping sounds from DJ Loczi.

The music will be comprised of today’s hottest electro, dubstep, progressive house and breakbeats remixed with Pop, Hip Hop, Funk, Soul and Disco allowing iconic and pop culture music to be presented in a way that people have never experienced, but have always been waiting for. “Electric Dream” was fashioned and tailored for the classy, edgy and trendy music connoisseurs that frequent Studio 54. DJ Loczi has produced an experience where the music reflects a story, his hope “is to create a weekly journey through the past, present and future, utilizing the images, sound bites and expression of the original and iconic Studio 54 moving smoothly into a world of NOW presenting the biggest sound pieces of today in a fresh way and eventually evolving into the future with music that will define tomorrows culture and images that help us realize that all things imaginative are possible,” exclaims DJ Loczi. The experience Loczi creates is completely unpredictable but reliable in the aspect that it will leave club-goers wanting more and more!

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