DJ Pauly D Signs to 50 Cent’s G-Unit Team


I guess the speculation can cease now — as to whether or not the Jersey Shore’s Pauly D is an actual DJ. For as reported, the GTL-ien has officially signed a deal to be a part of 50 Cent’s G-Unit squadron. Just don’t ask me if he actually possesses any remote skill or talent, because quite frankly, I have no idea.

Rumors had been swirling around for quite some time about possible talks between the disc jockey and 50’s people, but I guess the reality TV star will have something to fall back on whenever this Shore craze does finally die down, although we don’s see that happening any time soon — unfortunately. No offense to you people that are catching the re-runs, as we speak.

Pauly has actually been the opening act during Britney Spears’ ongoing Femme Fatale tour (yeah, she made a comeback — sort of), alongside Nicki Minaj. So the guy has indeed been quite busy.

The deal is rumored to be set for a three-record period, where he will also be the face of his own collection of headphones. No papers have officially been signed, but Pauly D has told numerous sources that they should be set in stone by the end of the year.

When prodded about the possible connection as well as his relationship with 50, the DJ had this to say: “50 cent has also been somebody I look up to. We ended up linking up and we just clicked. We hit it off immediately with the music and everything like that. So, I’m definitely gonna be working with him. There’s been talks about the album and the headphones. I’m looking forward to working with that as well.”

Who knew? Maybe rappers dig the Shore too. But for now, return to your regularly scheduled viewing of the Jersey Shore — I guess.

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