Dog Breeds That Bark A Lot [LIST]


Choosing an Apartment-friendly Dog

If you live in an apartment that accepts pets and have been thinking of getting a dog, then you have to be careful about the type of dog you choose as some breeds have a tendency to bark much more than others.

Reasons Dogs Bark

Dogs bark for any number of reasons but they also express themselves by growling, howling, whining and grunting as well. When they vocalize by barking, they are usually either protecting someone or alerting an intruder or potential trespasser to stay off of the property they are guarding. Of course, they can also bark when they are playful or when they are seeking attention. In some instances, dogs will bark when they are just plain bored or, at other times, when they are provoked or startled.

Address the Problem Early

If you bring a new puppy home, you will have to ignore any barking he does that is a bit excessive. Although it can be a bit of a challenge to ignore a cute, little puppy, you still have to do so if you don’t want him to bark too much when he becomes an adult.

Dogs Bark when they Feel Anxious

When you leave a dog in an apartment alone during the day, he may take to barking to seek attention, or he may feel nervous without you there. In many cases, a dog that is experiencing separation anxiety will bark more than normal. Dogs are pack animals. Therefore, they like social interaction. That’s why a dog can bark too much when his owner is away.

Terriers Like to Bark

So, what dogs are known to bark quite a bit? Usually, if you choose or own one of the terrier breeds, barking, at times, can become an issue. In particular, you can have an excessive barker if you own a West Highland White Terrier, a Cairn Terrier, a Fox Terrier, or Yorkshire Terrier. In addition, you can annoy neighbors with the howls and barks of the Beagle or the continued barking of the Miniature Schnauzer as well.

The Golden Retriever – A Fairly Quiet Breed

On the other hand, dogs that won’t bark too overly much include the Golden Retriever, Bloodhound, Labrador Retriever, and the Saint Bernard. Of course, you may own a terrier that does not give you too much problem with barking too. As long as you know the reason for a barking problem, you can address the issue. However, still be forewarned – terrier breeds are good at vocalizing and therefore being heard.

Watch the following videos to stop specific barking problems:

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