Dog Busts Owner By Tossing Weed Out Car Window


Moro, Oregon (AP) – An Oregon Sheriff’s deputy didn’t need probable cause, anonymous tips or a drug-sniffing dog to locate a stash during a recent traffic stop: the dog belonging to the driver did all the work for him.
A report from Portland’s KGW-TV told the story of how Sherman County Sheriff Sergeant John Terrel was in the process of pulling over a pick-up truck, when suddenly he saw a sock go flying out of the truck’s window. As it turns out, that sock just happened to be stuffed with marijuana and some hashish.
The 32-year-old unidentified driver confessed that the sock belonged to him; he said he was trying to hide the sock (probably because he saw a cop behind him) when his dog, a pit bull mix, grabbed the end of the sock and wouldn’t let go. Apparently the pup thought it was playtime and dug in for a game of tug-o-war. Well the dog won the game and, through either spite, recoil or play, threw the sock out the open window.
The driver was arrested and and indicted on drug possession charges; Sheriff Brad Lohrey said he wished that everyone would travel around with their own personal drug dog. No word as to whether or not they’ve offered the pit bull a job.
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