Dog Hit By Car After Being Fed LSD By Nude Couple


ATLANTA, Georgia ~ (Atlanta Journal-Constitution/ KPRC-TV) ~ A dachshund was hit by a car and injured after it had been fed LSD by its nude owners, according to police.

Cops in Snellville, about 25 miles northeast of Atlanta, discovered the strange case after they received reports of a naked man and woman running alongside the road on the night of Sunday, October 30th. The couple ran back to their home and when police knocked on their door, 25-year-old Nicholas Modrich answered while still naked. Captain Harold Thomas said to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “they were tripping pretty hard,” and added that both Modrich and 25-year-old Jamie Hughes would face drug charges after being released from a local hospital; animal cruelty charges were also possible.

Modrich and Hughes both admitted they took LSD and also gave some to “Oscar” who was missing. Cops later determined that Oscar was a dog and began a search, but didn’t find him it time to prevent the dog from being struck by a vehicle. Oscar survived and was taken to a local veterinarian, but his condition was not known.

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