Dog Solves Rape Case: Has A Nose For Sperm


Dogs really are amazing creatures. Sure, we can train them… but we still couldn’t do the things that these brilliant animals can learn. Think about it. Canines are used to assist the blind, the elderly, the weak, the recovering, the ill, aid in bomb detection, find bedbugs and drugs, just to name a few. But helping to solve rape cases now? Woof! Which makes me wonder why mine can only beg. Somebody has said to her little self, “screw potential.”

As Daily Mail reports, “Police have a new weapon in the battle against rape after a suspected sex attacker was sniffed out by a dog specializing in smelling sperm.” That was bad news for one 23-year old south Sweden man. Because of the one and only police dog in the region trained in this narrow specialized department, the man has been arrested for the crime in Karlskrona once our four-legged pal sniffed out enough evidence collected from the crime scene that can now be used to convict him.

So let me get this straight. Dogs aren’t even allowed to be on certain areas of the grass… yet they can put us in jail. Their power in certain areas is starting to feel disproportionate. The report goes on to record that “Swedish authorities hope to use the technique more after the dog – called Rapports Opus – found traces of semen, which, after being sent for analysis, was found to match the suspect’s DNA.”

According to the police report, investigators believe the local man had forced a woman to perform oral sex on him in a park. Hey look… there’s something else the dog can teach people in her position to do: BITE! “The dog has gone through a year of training to reach his senior position as the sole sperm-sniffing dog of the region after graduating last August.” Our tail wagging detective is now internationally known as the only sperm sniffing dog in southern Sweden. Hmm… I swear I had a friend with that same nickname.

I guess, in conclusion, the next time you see a dog running around a sperm bank, don’t worry… he’s probably in training.

(Image from HuffPost)

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