Doomsday Group Claiming the End is Near


The end is near.  Haven’t you heard?  Well, according to the members of a group called Family Radio the end will come on May 21, 2011, which just happens to be my birthday.  Some birthday present that would be.

But, seriously, the group claims that the Rapture will occur on May 21, 2011, for those who do not know what the Rapture is I will explain. Christians believe that before the “end of the world” those who believe in God and are saved will be taken up to heaven, thus “rapture”.  While other non believers will be left here to suffer through the Tribulation Period where the final judgment of God will take place on Earth.  All pretty complicated stuff to explain but, you can pick up a bible and read for yourself.

The group and thousands of their loyal followers have been taking to the streets lately to spread the word that the end is near.  Project Caravan, as they are now being called,  travel the US and pass out fliers to anyone who will take them.  Lately, they have been in South Beach, the West Hollywood Strip, and are even on their way here to Las Vegas.  They say these are the places where the message needs to impact the most people, the “sinners”.  Now, don’t you dare call this group a cult because according to them, they are not.  They call themselves “ambassadors” and use biblical codes and scriptures to exact their predication.

The groups leader, 89 year old Harold Camping, says the date is accurate, even though he has been wrong once before.  Camping predicted the end of days was on September 4, 1994 and was obviously wrong.  But, he has good reason he says, “it was a mistake, a misreading of the biblical codes.”  Harold Camping is so convincing that many of his followers have quit their jobs, sold all their possessions, cut ties with friends and family, and some have even abandoned there families if they didn’t support them and join.  Sounds like a cult to me.

Over the course of written history there has been to date 220 predictions of when the world will end, there has been more than 50 dates set in my lifetime since 1980.  The bottom line is what are these people going to do on May 22nd when they wake up and nothing has happened?  Is there going to a mass suicide like in Jonestown or Heaven’s Gate cult?  Or are there gonna be a lot of people left with nothing, no jobs, no money,and  no homes, like with the followers of William Miller back in 1844.  In my own personal opinion, no one know when the end will come and all we can do is be ready, that does not mean we abandon our daily lives and responsibilities.  There have been many false prophets and there will always be false prophets and that is exactly what Harold Camping is.

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