Drake’s “Take Care” Album Art Revealed


Hip-hop’s golden boy, Drizzy Drake, is prepping to let loose his sophomore studio album, Take Care, on October 24. While the Young Money poster child has all but conquered his industry upon coming out in the mid 2000s, his forthcoming project (we must take mixtapes into account as well) is expected to be his best yet.

Drake’s calling card is of course not only rapping but a mixture of singing as well. And when an emcee can produce his own, catchy hook — people undoubtedly take note. The rapper’s lyrical prowess has since transitioned into obtaining a more sensual overtone, as the Canada native evidently has a real affinity for strippers (listen to any of his latest records and you’ll see what I mean). Nonetheless, the ladies still love him and dudes want to be him.

Take Care is rumored to welcome 18 tracks (not confirmed), which would be an impressive number, easily pleasing his onslaught of listeners. The album’s drop date (October 24) is not only significant as his click is referred to as October’s Very Own (OVO), but the date is also the emcee’s 25th birthday — yes, the kid has already accomplished so much at such a young age. Anybody remember Wheelchair Jimmy?

As aforementioned, Drake’s style has undergone immense changes since first entering the game as he now encompasses a more mature overall presence, which we assume is what his art director was aiming at portraying in the album’s cover art (see below). While I’m not too sure that was indeed accomplished, the direction and outcome in general just comes off as a bit cheesy to me. Let’s just hope that his actual music does the talking for this one, as quite frankly — the cover could use a little work.


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