Drinks All Around! Monday Night Was Not A Good Night For Celebs


Yesterday evening, a couple of recognizable names did the booze dance leading them right behind bars. At least, temporarily. First up, we have Eva Longoria’s on-screen husband from ABC’s “Desperate Housewives,” Ricardo Chavira. The ironic part of the story? The first to be contacted by his real life wife, Marcea Dietzel, was the 39-year old actor’s father – Texas Judge Juan Antonio Chavira. Hmm… Sounds just like a phone call he’d order Gabby to make. In an exclusive with RadarOnline.com, Judge Chavira told them, “I got a call from my daughter-in-law to tell me that my son had been arrested for a DUI this morning.” His publicist also called me, but at the moment I do not have any other details about what happened and that is the truth. I have still not spoken to my son.”

The whole incident went down around 2:20am after being pulled over in Los Angeles. According to RadarOnline, “Chavira was released from the Van Nuys Jail Tuesday morning after posting $25,000 bail. He refused to take a blood/alcohol test after he was pulled over.”

Now, let’s wind the clock back to approximately 9:48pm that same night only this time we’re in Temecula, CA. Funnyman Andy Dick was arrested for “being drunk and disorderly in a restaurant.” According to the Associated Press via the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, “the 45-year-old comic actor was arrested Monday night at Marie Callender’s after reports that he was causing a disturbance in the bar.” Dick was thrown in the drunk tank until he was deemed sober enough to care for himself and released on $500 bail.

Alright people, what exactly qualifies as public intoxication? In the Chavira case, I can understand that there’s no gray area with getting behind the wheel of a vehicle and operating it in an impaired state. You either do it and break the law, or you don’t. Hence, that’s where public intoxication comes in. I think the whole charge is stupid and riddled with unanswered vagueness. The reason this charge remains so ambiguous is because it falls to the discretion of the officer. Have you any idea how many people are walking down sidewalks at night completely inebriated because they made the decision not to drive? That is a good thing! The only thing law enforcement should do if they decide to stop you, is for the purpose of thanking you for not endangering others in an automobile and to offer a courtesy ride home. Andy Dick, who’s also a personal friend of mine, deserved none of this goofy sh*t. See ya soon buddy! I’ll bring the shots and a taxi. Wink!

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