Drunk Woman Uses Toy Gun In Attempted Robbery


ORLANDO, Florida ~ (Orlando Sentinel/ MyFoxPhilly) ~ A drunken woman used a toy machine gun in an attempt to rob a convenience store on September 25th.

The Orlando Sentinel reported that 19-year-old Wilnelia “Nelly” Caraballo went into a Kangaroo Express convenience store around 5:51am on Sunday morning, in the town on Palm Bay, located about 75 miles southeast of Orlando.. She was allegedly wearing a clear, plastic mask and holding what at first appeared to be an Uzi-like submachine gun, according to Palm Bay Police Department spokeswoman Yvonne Martinez.

Caraballo, according to Martinez, appeared to be intoxicated; she reportedly walked behind the front counter of the store while employees were in the back of the shop. One of the clerks saw Caraballo and yelled, “Palm Bay Police! Get on the ground!” Caraballo initially complied with the demand, but then got up to flee the scene. A second store employee restrained the woman until police arrived. Investigating officers found the submachine gun to be a plastic toy; Caraballo was carted off to Brevard County Jail, where she was charged with attempted armed robbery, Martinez said.

Photo credit: Brevard County Jail/ Facebook

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