Drunken Fla. Man Arrested After Trying to Pull his Own Tooth


PORT St. LUCIE, Fla. – A drunken Florida man who was attempting to remove his own tooth with a pair of pliers was arrested and charged with breach of peace.

Port Lucie police were called to the house of 49-year-old Francisco Rojas on Sunday after his wife called 911  and said her husband was intoxicated and trying to pull out his tooth with a pair of pliers. TCPalm.com reported Wednesday.

According to the arrest report, when officers arrived at the scene, they observed Rojas attempting to extract his tooth and there was vomit on the floor from his attempts.

Rojas admitted to being drunk and began cursing at the officers as they attempted to question him. Officers stated that Rojas refused to obey their request for him to calm down and became loud and belligerent.

One officer wrote Rojas’ cursing “affected the public decency as well as the peace and quiet of the children playing in the neighborhood.”

Rojas was arrested and charged with breach of peace.

It was unclear Wednesday whether Rojas has a lawyer, or if he remained in jail.

After paying bail, lawyers and court cost it appears a trip to the dentist would have been cheaper and far less painful.

The police report failed to mention if Rojas managed to extract the tooth. Next time why not tie a string around the tooth and tie the other end to a door knob and slam the door.

The thought of extracting one’s own tooth will make even the strongest man go a little weak in the knees, this is why we here at the Daily Scene recommend brushing your teeth twice-daily.

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