Drunken Teen Stabs Man over Stinky Feet Comment


EVERETT, Wash. —-A drunken Washington state teen plead guilty to second-degree assault after stabbing a man who accused her of having stinky feet.

Dallas Smith, 18, plead guilty to second-degree assault with a knife for stabbing Willy Simpson, 19, at a Sept. 7 party after Simpson teased Smith about having smelly feet, The Herald of Everett, Wash., reported.

Smith was sentenced to 15 months in prison Friday by Snohomish County Superior Court Judge David Kurtz, who said, “Let me be absolutely clear: This case is not about smelly feet, It is about binge drinking and (the) criminal behavior that did flow from that.”

As part of her sentence, Smith was ordered to complete a six-page research paper on how excessive drinking of alcohol can destroy lives. Smith must complete the project by May 2012.

The stabbing took place during a party at which an intoxicated Smith removed her shoes and attempted unsuccessfully to do a back flip off a deck, The Herald reported.

When Smith removed her shoes, Simpson teased her about having stinky feet at which point Smith began hitting him. Simpson pushed her away, prompting Smith to grab a knife hidden within her coat and plunge it into Simpson’s back causing one of his lungs to collapse.

The knife was still in Simpson’s back when authorities arrived and it remained there while he was transported to Seattle for surgery, the newspaper said.

Smith later apologized for what she admitted was a “great error in judgment.”

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