Dwight Howard, D. Rose and Slim Chin in Fast Dont Lie Remix [VIDEO]


Anybody seen the Hangover? Nah, I didn’t think so. It was alright (insert sarcasm here). Not only did the comedy of the year (past several years in my opinion) launch a blossoming career for “the beard,” more formally known as Zach Galifianakis, but doctor turned actor, Ken Jeong is also enjoying a bit of warranted spotlight due to his quirky antics as “the little Asian guy” in the film.

In upping their antics as response to Nike’s intense LeBron campaign, adidas produced a little magic of their own in their latest Slim Chin bits, featuring the Hangover accompanying actor and two of the NBA’s finest athletes in Orlando’s Dwight Howard and Chicago’s Derrick Rose.

The commercial advertisements have dawned the billionaire NBA fan (Chin) and the two talented hoopsters (Howard and Rose) at his mansion to showcase adidas’ most recent prized piece of footwear, as the players prove that “fast don’t lie.”

Oddly enough, between the embellished accent of Slim Chin, his cheese tackily blinding gold outfit, and outlandish plethora of ridiculously rich ownings, the visuals are quit humorous, and we are even awarded a bit of hilarity from well known, off the court funny man, Dwight Howard. If you’ve seen the most recent installment of commercial footage featuring Dwight at the piano, you know just what I’m talking about.

Here in the remixed footage, the trio of entertainers and past shots have been morphed together to form the “Fast Don’t Lie” (Gregory Brothers Remix). Enjoy.

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