En Fuego: A Look Back at Kim Kardashian’s Magazine Covers [PICS]


Reality TV star turned mogul in the making (yes, I use the term lightly), Kim Kardashian has been lucky enough (actually we’re the lucky ones) to grace her fair share of magazine covers over her few years of fame and fortune. With a physique that is undeniably celestial, the warranted face (body) time has landed her such slots with the likes of Complex, FHM, Cosmopolitan, and many more shelf worthy printed publications.

Wondering as to why this post is being crafted or at least why now all of the sudden? Well, I say—you’re welcome and because who wouldn’t want to drool, I mean gander at photos of the Armenian goddess for a few minutes out of their mundane 24 hours? Also, the wonderful folks that run Miss Kardashian’s personal blog recently compiled a list of all of her magazine covers, accompanied by images of each sultry spread.

Fully realizing that I may have lost the small percentage of female readers that did indeed click to read this post after witnessing the article’s title, I will moderately promise you this: leave a comment below of an individual/topic/whatever that you would like to see me craft a piece around, and I will do my best to take it on and award you ladies next time.

And for the fellas—again I say, you’re welcome. Below I have presented you with but a few of my personal faves from the Kim K. cover archives. How gracious and convenient—I know. But if you would like to check out the whole shebang (each cover), head on over to her blog and scroll through for yourself. I highly recommend. Enjoy.

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